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Do you know that chestnut is one of the healthiest nuts with fewer calories and rich in complex carbohydrates and fibre? Today we show you how to make a sponge cake with Ladeira dried chestnut puree. Pared Chestnuts with sweet flavour and protected by the Bierzo Chestnut Guarantee Mark. In addition, as chestnuts are gluten-free naturally, this cake is suitable for celiacs. Ingredients: 50 dried chestnuts 2 glasses of milk 1 cinnamon stick 4 eggs 120 gr sugar 100 gr hazelnut Instructions: We start by rehydrating the Ladeira dried chestnuts, for this we put them to soak in water for 8/12 hours. Once rehydrated, cook our chestnuts in milk with a cinnamon stick for approximately 30 minutes on a very low heat. Once cooked, beat them together with the milk with a blender until you obtain a soft cream of chestnuts. Grind the

The chestnut flour is gluten-free and it is a great contribution to the world of celiacs and this is why, in this post, we show you a recipe of biscuits with Ladeira chestnut flour suitable for celiacs. This delicious dessert will make you the perfect host. Hands on the dough!! Ingredients: 200 grs. chestnut flour 100 grs. Corn flour 150 grs. of butter 1 eggs + 1 yolk 100 grs. sugar 50 grs. caster sugar Instructions: Start putting in a bowl all the dry ingredients: chestnut flour, cornflour, sugar and caster sugar. We mix them perfectly. Make a hole in the center, as a volcano, and put the chopped butter into small pieces inside, along with the egg and yolk. Knead vigorously to obtain a soft and smooth dough. We cover the bowl

Do you want to fill your cakes, donuts … with a different, delicious and original cream? With this recipe we show you how to use Ladeira chestnut flour to make a pastry cream. Surely its flavor will surprise you! Ingredients: 250 grs. chestnut flour Ladeira 1 litter whole milk 150 grs. sugar + 25 grs. vanilla sugar 450 grs. “dulce de leche” (milk caramel) 250 grs. butter Instructions: Heat the milk. Meanwhile, mix the chestnut flour Ladeira with the sugar. Reserve. Shortly before the milk breaks to boil, begin to add the mixture of flour and sugar. Stirring gently and continuosly, continue adding the mixture and keep on the heat, let it break to boil and begin to thicken. Time to remove from the heat and begin to add the "dulce de leche" (milk caramel);

Confectionery is for Juan Manuel Díaz Silvan his greatest passion. For years he has used chestnut flour in his pastry. "In the year 1994 I started my career in a bakery in Astorga (León, Spain) where I had my first contact with pastry making. After four years, I began to work in a pastry and confectionery company from el Bierzo (León, Spain) and I stayed there for the next eight years". My experience with chestnuts "When have I started working with such a special ingredient as chestnut flour? That's another part of my story. As a member of the Cultural Association Carqueixa from El Bierzo, located in Santa Marina de Torre (León, Spain), I have been giving an introductory course on baking and pastry-making for all the partners. And a unique and extraordinary experience started. The first year we focused